Success, Stress and Spirituality – 5 Steps to Running a Wellness Business, Well.

Wellness Business almost seems like an oxymoron but the truth is those two words not only can go together, they must if we want to start to see a reprieve from the ever climbing rates of anxiety and burnout among our young workers.

Anyone who runs their own business can tell you it comes with a unique set of pressures. Running your own clock means it’s easy to get sucked into never clocking off and it also means that you are the customer service team, accountant, assistant, HR, management, tea runner and all the things your business will ever need. You wear every hat and have to juggle all the tasks and their priority for your business. It’s a unique freedom, that comes with a unique set of pressures. Add to that being a leader, someone who strives to be an example of wellness and a mental health advocate, it’s easy for a type A to wind themself up under that kind of pressure (yeah that’s me with a raised hand). I want to share what I’ve learned, mainly through making the mistakes, in the hope that you won’t have to.

Be a leader not a perfectionist.

If you want to run any business but particularly if you’re thinking about starting a wellness business the first thing I want to say is…take the pressure off. You’re human, people don’t connect with perfect, they connect with real. So yes be accountable, yes have high standards for yourself because you want to strive for new depths of progress and wellness but also, you’re going to make mistakes, have bad days and that’s OK too. Think about it, who do you feel more connected to, someone who has it all together, all the time and never puts a foot out of place? Or someone who strives valiantly but sometimes falls down or messes up, someone who is human but someone you can see yourself in? Right. So give yourself PERMISSION to be where you are. Being a coach or wellness facilitator isn’t about being enlightened or having it all together all the time. It IS about being a leader, which just means taking accountability for where you are, owning what you know (and what you don’t), leading by example with your successes but also how you bounce back from your falls. Which in my opinion, is even more valuable.

Be discerning with your sharing – what and with who.

I think there is a delicate balance to strike between the age of oversharing and also being transparent with your community and customer base. Ask yourself “why am I sharing this?” when it comes to your emails, social media posts or even interactions with clients. It’s not about sharing every single detail and it’s also not about concealing them like your running for political office. Whose opinions matter to you? Those are the people to seek counsel from, the people you respect, admire and know have your best interest at heart. Then with your broader following, ask yourself what you hope to gain and perhaps more importantly give by sharing? If you know your intention before you share, you’ll be more likely to execute it in alignment with your personal and business values. Don’t know what your values are? See below.

Use your MISSION as your compass, not money.

Why does your business exist and what are you hoping to share with the world? How are you hoping to make this world a better place? If you want to run a wellness business then you probably want to get clear on what your mission is. People are clever, they aren’t going to feel safe taking advice on mindfulness from someone who isn’t rooted in a higher purpose or driven by a mission beyond themselves and their own gain. Yes you deserve to be rewarded and yes building an empire can be just as spiritual as renouncing all worldly possessions. Every choice can be the right choice, with intention. So then, the point of difference becomes your ‘why’ or your mission. Why are you building this business? Are you growing so you have more to give or are you hustling for worthiness? As Simon Sinek says people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Finding your community and your customers is easy when you can show the world clearly why you do what you do. Plus would it serve you to achieve great success and wealth if you didn’t do so in alignment with your soul’s evolution? Probably not, so step-by-step check in and make sure your businesses success, lines up with your soul growth and your souls service to the world too.

Delegate, Outsource and Ask for help.

We don’t know it all, so we can’t do it all. Part of running a healthy business and maintaining your own sanity in doing so, is knowing when to ask for help. Two things help you get good at this. Firstly knowing your strengths and weaknesses – what are you great at and what are you not so good at? Then, is it worth your time to master this skill or would your time be better used on other projects and thus should you outsource it to someone who is epic at it? Secondly, prioritising and this comes down to knowing your business goals. Which projects take priority and why? What are you ultimately working towards? Thus is this task or project a distraction or a necessity? Being really clear on point 3 (your mission) makes this one a lot easier. Do what you do well, always strive to be learning and evolving and know when to ask for help because for all your weaknesses, there is someone out there for whom it is their strength.

Walk your talk.

You would be surprised how many yoga teachers, healers, coaches and people wanting to work in the wellness industry come to me for business coaching whom are not walking their talk. This one seems obvious but it’s the most often overlooked. Reading a few books on wellness is great but it’s not enough, doing a yoga retreat or teacher training is epic but still it won’t build you a client base. Why? Because knowing wellness intellectually is one thing, experiencing wellness is another, sustaining that experience day-to-day so that it’s your default setting and baseline? Well that’s a discipline one commits their life to. People need to feel inspired by what you’re doing, they need to see that they can learn from you and that doesn’t happen by watching how you read, it happens by watching how you live. So if you’re considering a transition into the wellness industries or you’re wondering why your business isn’t growing… ask yourself if you’re walking your talk. Ask yourself, would you have hired who you are now, a year ago? If not, what would you have to be, do and become in order to be someone that former version of you would pay for guidance, support or the services you want to offer in the wellness industry? No website, instagram account or even further education will ever replace the day-to-day work you put in through your habits and practices that allow you to show up as who you are. Your business card, is the energy and experience you bring into every room. That doesn’t mean being the loudest, having all the answers or never having a bad day or mood. It just means you’ve done the work, you’ve tried the tools and you’ve integrated the practices you want to teach, into your everyday life. That’s not a huge ask, you can start today and this process is a continual striving. If we want to be good teachers, we have to be great learners.

Big visions are great but day-to-day habits are the steps we take to make the journey to that grand vista and learning to enjoy each day, each habit and practice, the process of falling and rising again – this is the process of learning to love the life you live. We think it’s the big goals that will bring us that fulfillment and sometimes they do but that sense won’t last unless we sustain it day-to-day with how we live. We are empowered to do that with the thousands of little choices we make each day. I often tell my clients – don’t worry about quitting ‘bad’ habits, just fill your life with so many good ones, there’s no room for those anymore. So start with just one choice, how will you move in the direction of deeper wellness with one new daily habit, starting tomorrow? Remember the stakes are high, this is your life.

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