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Your Program is your unique corner on Lit Up. Here you can track your progress, discover your meal-plan and find your meditations and yoga sessions updated every 8 weeks.

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Our life coaching Library has over 70+ tutorials on things like better sleep, better sex and setting better boundaries.

The community Live Trainings happen every single month. It’s a live stream you can join as a member, where we sometimes feature other experts and where you can ask your questions live via the comment box and get the 1 on 1 tailored support you need.

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Morning and evening meditations, take your meditation practice deeper with our twice daily guided meditations for all levels. Mind.

Plant-based meal plans, use them as weekly inspiration or follow it to the T. It’s up to you - either way we’ve got you covered. Body.

Yin and Yang yoga, use these sessions to get sweaty or unwind - yoga for every mood. Plus check out our entire library of yoga sessions to stay motivated and go deeper with your practice. Soul.


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