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You are now free to explore all of our classes in the wellness library which include: spirituality sessions, life coaching, plant-based cooking tutorials, guided meditations, breathwork, yoga and more!

You will also be led through each month's theme with an inspiring intro video, guided audio practices and a LIVE training session with me. To give you the tools, support and in-depth education you need, to completely up-level every area of your life.

Remember I’m your coach and I work for you - so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out support@litupforlife.com

Let’s give you
the rundown.

New and Noteworthy is where you’ll find your new intro video for this month’s theme. Plus any of the latest tutorials, to lead you deeper in love with yourself and life.

Use search to find lessons, tools and techniques on any subject, to support you in any moment. You can search by keywords, categories, teacher and more.

Our wellness library has over 100+ tutorials on things like better sleep, better sex and setting better boundaries. Along with yoga, meditation, plant-based cooking tutorials. It really is a whole world of wellness.

The Live Trainings happen every single month. This is a live stream where you can see me but don’t worry you can hang out in your PJ’s, we can’t see you! We can however see your comments in the chat-box, if you choose to share them.

Our Community Forum is where all the best, deep and juicy convo’s happen and it’s where you can introduce yourself and connect with your Lit Up sisters!


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