Are you ready to transform
your health and happiness?

The Lit Up for Life membership gives you a tailored wellness plan with monthly:

  • Plant-based meal plans
  • Yoga routines
  • Meditations
  • Live trainings

Plus unlimited access to

  • Our exclusive online community
  • Access to over 80 + life coaching tutorials

Recipes that light you up

This is not about restriction, we count colours not calories and focus on taste, nutrition and overall glow factor. Your body is your bestie and we want to make it easy for you to take great care of it. This is eating to feel truly well, looking great is just a happy side-effect.

  • Tailored plant based meal plans, updated every 8 weeks.
  • Access to our full suite of video cooking tutorials in our library exclusive to members.
  • Nutrient-rich, health focused meals (that taste incredible)!
  • Plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free versions of all your favourites including; pancakes, burgers, curries, spag bol and more.

Movement that boosts
your mood

The science is clear, moving our bodies makes us happier and healthier (again: looking sexy is just a happy side effect). We don’t think it should ever feel like a chore, so we keep it varied to suit your mood and sustain your motivation.

  • Monthly Yoga sessions for all abilities.
  • Varied online classes with Yin to stretch and Yang to sweat.
  • Access to dozens more yoga sessions in our library – exclusive to members.
  • Move your body from home, when it suits you and for how long with sessions from 25-60 mins. No more excuses!

Meditation that
calms your mind

Meditation is the secret super power of so many ultra successful people (success that includes feeling truly well). We want you to cultivate your own super powers, that’s why we create different meditations to suit all moods and levels.

  • Meditations from 3-30 minutes.
  • Meditations for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
  • Varied styles including: Zazen, Compassion, Visualisation, Mantra, Manifestation and more.
  • Touch on topics like: confidence, self esteem, beating procrastination and more.
  • 2 new morning and evening meditations, updated every 8 weeks as part of your tailored wellness program.

Online accountability
and support

Life, health and happiness are meant to be shared! Plus it’s proven that healthy habits stick better and that we live longer, when we have a like-minded and supportive community.

  • Monthly Live Training sessions with one of our coaches.
  • Access to our exclusive online community forum.
  • Get support and motivation.
  • Share tips and advice.
  • Make friends and accountability buddies.

Access to a world
of wellness

Feeling truly well isn’t just what you eat, how you move or even if you meditate. It’s that plus some essential life skills like; communication, healing emotional triggers, learning to forgive, managing stress (and way more). Which is why we give you access to our life coaching library with hundreds of tutorials to teach you everything you need to know for life mastery.

  • 75 + life coaching videos
  • Varied content, see the full list of tutorials here.
  • Easy to understand and apply tools for transformation.
  • All of the advice you’d pay a life coach thousands of dollars for, at the price of a coffee each week.
  • Access to dozens more yoga sessions in our library – exclusive to members.
  • Move your body from home, when it suits you and for how long with sessions from 25-60 mins. No more excuses!

How it works

Sign up for your free 7 day trial,
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Access your plant-based, sugar-free
meal plans, yoga sessions and guided
meditations updated every 8 weeks.
Gain access to our exclusive online
community and support group.
Monthly Live Trainings where we
feature other experts and you can ask your questions in real time
Access over 100 coaching sessions
on better sleep, better sex, setting
better boundaries and more.

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