I’m so glad you’re here.

Get comfy and let’s get to know each other.

I believe we each have a unique wellness formula: a life where mind, emotions, body and spirituality all find harmony.

Finding your unique formula isn’t an impossible journey and it’s something we can all achieve with a little exploration and dedication.

Cultivating that wellness formula is supposed to be fun and it is my joy to support your adventure by offering you a whole host of tools and practices to explore and find what really works for you. Tools to help you wake up feeling energised and body positive, practises to help you maintain productivity throughout your day, exercises that will help you unwind anxiety and get a good night’s sleep and so much more.

You are your greatest resource and barometer for what is and is not working in every area of your life and it’s my life’s work to support you in tuning into that inner knowing.

Isn’t it time that we quietened all the noise so that you can hear your soul speak?

So who the heck am I?

I’m an Aussie girl who grew up in a house with 3 older brothers, which made me tenacious to say the least. As a teenager I watched a family member struggle with addiction and mental health and for years I spent many afternoons after school visiting them in a mental health facility. Although it was an incredibly challenging experience, the gift within this challenge was the curiosity it sparked within me. What was it that meant some people found balance and harmony in their life relatively effortlessly, while other folks struggled so much for it?

Since childhood I felt strongly sensitive and connected to the energies around me and from an early age I employed yoga, meditation and a whole host of holistic and alternative healing methods to integrate my experiences.

These days the term often used to describe these types of experiences or energetic sensitivities is “empath”. It is my belief that to be human is to be an empath, we just have different ways, paces and levels to which we can shut down or numb ourselves to our empathic nature and our deep capacity to feel.

The hard truth? We cannot selectively numb. If we numb pain, so too do we numb joy, passion, all of it. It was practices like yoga and meditation that were helping me maintain my sensitivity without being crushed under the weight of it. It is what helped me transform my sensitivity and ability to empathise deeply, into a super power that makes me a great coach! But this took years of practice, so lets rewind a little…

Although these methods were helping me greatly as an early teen to stay checked into my body and my internal experience, as I grew into my late teens I found myself straying from the spiritual “path”. I found myself numbing with weekends spent binge drinking, eating fast food and fostering superficial connections that didn’t feel sustainable or supportive. I would yo yo back and forth between my spiritual life and the world of partying.

As I straddled adolescence and adulthood I travelled the world seeking and studying healing modalities, cultures and religious texts only to return home and often repeat the cycles of partying, working four jobs, studying at university and burning the candle at both ends. I was curious as to why I couldn’t sustain or maintain my spiritual practice, my health and my emotional well being. The image of my loved one spending so much time in recovery for mental health and addiction still played on my mind and their battle was not yet through. This brought into stark focus that the riddle of my well being was one I could not afford to leave unsolved.

“Angelika lives up to the role of ‘coach’ more than any other mentor, teacher or confidante I have ever had. She listens intently, she remembers detail and holds her clients accountable. Not only have I been better to myself through Angelika’s teachings, but I have been better to others. I’ve never once felt judged for over intellectualising or for having a trivial human response to a situation, but I have always felt motivated to do, feel and live better under her guidance.”

“Working with Angel shifted my life in every capacity. I originally reached out to her in the depths of heartbreak and she instantly was able to shift my focus from that of ‘lack’ to that of ‘abundance’, something I had been trying to do for a year but not succeeded in. Not only did she facilitate me on the fast track to healing a past relationship, she reminded me of the importance of truly taking care of myself and was able to hold me accountable for my actions and my unhealthy, conditioned thought patterns.”

“Angelika’s grounded presence and intuition always brings the right topics and emotions to the surface. When first started my sessions I knew there was something missing from my life. Together, she helped me realise that the thing missing was love for myself. I have since been working hard on eliminating old thought patterns and it has truly changed my life. My confidence and self worth make me excited for my future because for the first time in my life, I realise that I can do ANYTHING. I cannot express how deeply grateful I am.”


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“Angelika is one of my favourite people! She’s an old soul with wisdom beyond words. Working with her has impacted my life in such a beautiful, magical and profound way. She has helped me become more grounded, to have faith and hope in the workings of the universe, to stand in my power and let go of doubts and self-sabotage. Angelika truly understands my spiritual path, dreams and desires and helps me to tune into my inner knowing and self love. I’m truly blessed to have her in my life.”

“Angelika’s core message will allow you to take ownership over your life and unlock your true potential. You will turn your health and wealth goals into reality. She not only inspires you to be the best version of yourself, but gives you tangible and practical methods so that you take immediate action. As a leading figure in the industry, Angelika combines meditation, creating abundance and your life purpose, the masculine and the feminine, finding your ‘why’, changing limiting beliefs and finding true self love.”

As I grew into a young adult I continued in the modelling world, pursuing music and acting, always performing and yet never feeling fully expressed. My passion led me to Los Angeles where the cost of my partying on my mental, emotional and physical health reached breaking point. I was 21, alone in a foreign country, my self esteem at an all time low, running out of money and completely burnt out. I had no real friends or healthy and supportive connections that lasted beyond 4am and the blaring night club music. The healthy connections that I did have with family and friends back home I pushed away and allowed to decay. I spent almost every day just trying to put myself back together and push through the bouts of depression and anxiety onset by the substances and alcohol.

Feeling pushed to the absolute limit in every sense, I felt morally and emotionally bankrupt (not to mention financially). Finally I decided enough was enough, I was ready to heal and to find a way to sustain the harmony I knew I was capable of feeling.

As part of that healing journey, I started hosting people at my home for free for yoga sessions. I had trained in Bali a few years previous and by this stage had been practicing yoga myself for over 10 years. I incorporated what I knew about the other healing modalities I had studied, allowing myself to open back up to my energetic sensitivities. Instead of tucking the pain and shame away through another cycle of binging and going out, I allowed myself to feel it, to heal it and to share my processes with others that it might help.

Through this, I found purpose, meaning and my life started to turn around. It wasn’t overnight, it was a long walk out of the darkness but the tide had certainly turned. What I gained was a spiritual strength and a willingness to sit with others in dark times, unafraid and certain there would be a way out for them should they choose it, just as there had been for me.

I moved to London and continued teaching yoga in studios and before I knew it I had a healthy host of private clients. They expressed being drawn to my modern and raw approach to healthy living. I wasn’t projecting an image of unattainable perfection, I shared my mistakes willingly and have been known to drop a few f bombs. I wasn’t the yoga teacher they were used to. Soon my private clients wanted a service beyond just yoga, they wanted advice on their health, their relationship to food, their relationship with their mother, sex with their boyfriend and in order to have time for their yoga session, we started booking 2 hour slots instead of 1. Word spread quickly about this holistic approach to yoga and lifestyle and organically I grew and developed a life coaching business, that is the business I run and love today.

Years on I cannot say I have it all figured out, but I can say that I have found tools and techniques that have changed my life and the life of thousands of my students to such an extent that I’ve dedicated my life to sharing them. Life is never “perfect” but we can always choose to be progressing. Things won’t always go how we planned but we can always find something to appreciate. It is my hope that every person checks all the way in with how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking and the signals their body is giving them, even when it might seem hard or painful because the alternative of numbing is a cost too high to pay.

Life is for living and to thrive we must feel. To feel we must check IN. Even when the seduction of self-numbing with artificial food, bad TV, crumby relationships, alcohol or [insert your distraction of choice], is REAL fam.

Uncovering your unique wellness formula is about being willing and brave. That’s it. You don’t have to get it perfect, you don’t have to have any idea what you’re doing (because we’ll cover that). You just have to show up with hand on heart and ready to support yourself as best you can, no matter what life throws your way.

It is my life’s mission to equip you with tools to help you do just that: support yourself in the face of whatever arises. It is my hope, that equipped with these tools you’ll be willing to participate in life with eyes wide open, in anticipation of what adventure will unfold next and arms wide open, in deep appreciation for this moment right now.

Thank you for surviving everything life ever threw your way, to be here reading this today. Thank you for reading my story and for being on this site completely dedicated to facilitating your personal growth, showing your willingness to take your life beyond where it’s ever been before. May you know you’re truly worthy of that. May you be blessed with courage for your journey and if you fall, may you always dare to get back up.


Angel xx

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